A Texas man got a little too Grinchy over the weekend and wound up arrested outside of a "Breakfast with Santa" event Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Cleburne.

Ke'Sha Lopez of KWTX reports that Aaron Urbanski and two others carried signs and bullhorns as they told children attending the event that Santa was not real. Guests repeatedly asked them to leave. 31-year-old Urbanski was arrested on criminal trespass charges. His friends left before police got there.

The event at the church was a fundraiser to buy presents for local families who need assistance for the holidays. As the kids arrived to eat pancakes with Santa there was Urbanski and company as they went in. His crime was trespassing, not that he held up a sign and told kids 'Santa ain't real' with a bullhorn. That just makes him a super-grinch.

The community of Cleburne will hold its Christmas Parade soon and plans to have plain-closed security guards protecting Santa.

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