A Frisco, Texas man vented his frustrations over a $212 dollar speeding ticket by paying the fine with thousands of pennies. 22,260 pennies to be exact.Brett Sanders was pretty upset over a pricey speeding ticket that was issued for going 9 miles over his town's speed limit. He attempted to fight the ticket in court and lost. So, when it came time to pay the fine - Sanders had something special in mind.

Sanders gathered roughly 22,000 pennies, stashed them in a bucket, and drove down to the courthouse to pay his ticket. As seen in the video he first asks the clerk if they take "exact change", and then he says he'll return after he runs out to his truck to "get the money".

Perhaps the best part is that Brett captured the whole thing on video and posted it to YouTube. The video has collected over half a million views in just a few days.

Sanders is reported to have said, "It felt great. It really felt great".

The clerks in the Frisco office probably didn't feel so great about it. After about 3 hours of counting pennies, Mr Sanders actually overpaid some $7.81. He said he'd let the clerks office keep the extra money.

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