KTXS reports that A San Angelo man drove his pickup truck into the local Walmart (Sherwood Way) attempting to run over his girlfriend on Thursday morning.

Caleb Wilson (19) was shopping in the store with his girlfriend at around 12:30 AM on Thursday when the couple got into a fight as they left the location. A customer got involved and told the woman to go wait inside the store. This is when Caleb lost it.

Take this link to see photos of Wilson actually crashing through the front entrance of the Walmart in his pickup truck. The gallery of photos is provided by KTXS.

The police say when Wilson could not find his girlfriend in the store he drove back out the entrance, slammed into a car in the Walmart parking lot, then drove his vehicle to a nearby gas station and was arrested. The police say Wilson was showing signs of some sort of "excited delirium" and was probably under the influence. He was taken to a local hospital and became belligerent with the medical staff who still have him under observation.

Wilson caused and estimated $500,000 in damage to the store. Perhaps even more amazing is that nobody was injured during the whole inncident.

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