Texas is just a weird state sometimes isn't it?

That's not always a bad thing though is it? We could always deal with the excessive cold rather than the excessive heat. Now that we've put thought into the universe, let's pretend we didn't mention it shall we?

But sometimes, there are things that happen that honestly can't be explained. For example, someone may claim to have seen a UFO in the Lone Star State. Thankfully, we're not looking that far up into the sky.

Rather we're looking at the ground, and the abundance of...acorns? Wait what?

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What Is With All The Acorns In Texas?

It seems like we're seeing a lot of them around the Lone Star state. But...there's got to be a reason right? Well that or squirrels are just completely revolting against humankind. Heck, there is a secret squirrel headquarters in Texas!

But thankfully, it looks like the plan for squirrels is still in it's early stages. Rather, it seems like the weather in Texas is affecting the acorn growth. According to KHOU 11 however...there's no known cause for this?

Wait, We Don't Truly Know What Is Causing This?

KHOU reports that what's happening in the state of Texas is known as a "Mast Year." This occurs when trees basically match up in their times when they produce nuts. This in turn creates a lot of crunches when we walk around in the state.

The most interesting part however? At the time of writing, there's no clear reason as to why this happens. But thankfully, mast years are good for the environment, so it looks like we'll just have to deal with excess acorns this year.

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