If your summer plans include hitting one of the many lakes in Texas, be careful. Some of these lakes pose more danger than others.

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Hitting the lake on any given occasion can be as dangerous as it is fun. Boating, swimming, rafting, jet-skiing and water skiing are all fun things to do at the lake but can also bring their own element of danger.

Most Dangerous Lakes in Texas

According to AZ Animals, state records show that more than 300 people die in Texas lakes each year. Boating collisions and drownings are the main reasons, and so many of these deaths could have been prevented simply by wearing a life jacket and following safety measures.

Let's take a dive into the seven most dangerous lakes in Texas.

Lake Conroe

Row of neighborhood boat slips leading into lake Conroe in Conroe, TX
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On of the most popular tourist locations around Houston is Lake Conroe. Plenty of boaters hit Lake Conroe every weekend looking to unwind and have some fun. Unfortunately, Lake Conroe is the deadliest lake in Texas since 2000. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department report that 26 deaths have occurred at Lake Conroe between 2010 and 2020.

Lake Travis


Just north of Austin is Lake Travis, another popular spot for boating and swimming. Boating accidents have caused 17 deaths over the past several decades at Lake Travis.

Lewisville Lake

Comet Panstarrs at Sunset
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Lake Lewisville is known as the most alligator infested lake in Texas. However, it's not alligators that are the reason this lake makes the list.

Located in North Texas from Lewisville to Denton, Lewisville Lake brings out millions of visitors every year. It's been reported that 87 accidental deaths have happened on Lake Lewisville in the past 20 years.

Canyon Lake

Texas Hill Country is the layout for Canyon Lake, about 30 miles from San Marcos and fed from the Guadalupe River. Officials say about 3 to 4 fatalities happen on Canyon Lake each year.

Cedar Creek Lake

Located south of Dallas, Cedar Creek Lake is one of the largest lakes in Texas covering 32,000 acres. According to reports, 15 people have died in this lake between 2000 and 2015.

Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake is named after congressman Joe Pool who had a big hand in getting legislation and funding for lake passed. Joe Pool Lake is considered to be one of the more dangerous lakes as reports say about 14 people have died there from 2000 to 2015.

Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston is located about 70 miles north of Houston and measures and at 129.73 square miles making it "the second-largest lake in Texas that does not touch other counties or states." Lots of boating and fun are to be had on Lake Livingston but according to reports, 20 people have died of boating-related incidents since the year 2000.

As dangerous as lakes can be, they can also be fun. Simply by following simple safety measures you can cut the risk of a potentially fatal accident down to a fraction.

Follow the rules, have a safe day on the lake. It's not too hard to do.

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