The hard working law enforcement of the state of Texas are always looking for individual who seek to avoid answering for the crimes the commit. One way some pay attention to those on the run is be checking the Texas Department of Public Safety's website. The list is constantly updated, with captured criminals being taken off, and new ones placed upon the list after they've been wanted for an extended period of time.

One of the new members of the list is a man by the name of Arthur Carson. Carson has had a long history with Texas Law Enforcement, which began in the year 1991.

Arthur Carson's Criminal History

According to Texas DPS, Carson was first taken into custody in the previously mentioned year for Robbery Causing Bodily Injury, with his punishment being 12 years in prison. Carson was paroled shortly thereafter, but was once again arrested for the same crime in 1994, with the jail time increased to 40 years.

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Carson was released again in 2012 on parole. But one year later, in October of 2013, a warrant was sent out in regards to Carson violating his parole. The next year, in September of 2014, another warrant was sent out for his arrest in regards to an Aggravated Robbery charge against Carson.

Since that last warrant issue, Carson has not been found. Texas DPS states they believe he is homeless with his last spotted location being Austin. In addition to Austin, he's been linked to Mexia, Lubbock, and Fort Worth, Texas as areas he's familiar with.

How Can You Help Locate Arthur Carson?

As with all the criminals we discuss, it is important to know that if you locate Carson, you should not attempt to bring him into custody, rather an individual should phone law enforcement as soon as possible.

Tips can be sent to Texas DPS via calling Texas Crime Stoppers at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477), or by using their app or visiting their website. If your tip leads to the arrest of Arthur Carson, you could receive a cash reward.

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