Many in Texas always follow the law. But regardless of those who are following the law, police in the state are always keeping a watch to make sure we are safe and sound. We owe many thanks to the brave law enforcement of Texas.

Especially when they are searching for the criminals that land on the Texas Most Wanted list. These Individuals are wanted for some for multiple crimes, and have evaded capture for a long period of time.

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One of the individuals were discussing we'll be talking about today is recent addition to the list. His name is Joshua Darnell Lockett.

Joshua Darnell Lockett And His Crimes In Texas

Locket is wanted for multiple crimes, some of which include Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon and Murder. We'll detail not only his crimes, but how you can help police in Texas locate him.

All Information has been provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Have You Seen Texas Most Wanted Murderer Joshua Lockett?

Police in Texas are looking for Lockett after multiple violations of the law. Here's how you can help find him.

Stay safe and be alert Texas!

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