There's Always An Individual Police In The State Of Texas Are Looking For.

Law enforcement is always keeping a watchful eye out for us who live in the Lone Star State. Certain criminals who have evaded police for a extended amount of time end up a list that many of us wish to never appear on: The Texas Most Wanted List.

One person suspected of murder, Joshua Darnell Locket, was recently taken into custody thanks to one Texan's tip, which you can read about here.

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Now, police are once again for help in finding Texas criminal Raul Herrera Jr, who is wanted for a multitude of crimes.

Raul Herrera Jr, And His History With Law Enforcement

Herrera's criminal history dates back to 1990. We'll discuss his criminal background, as well as how you can help Texas police.

All information has been provided by the Texas Department Of Public Safety.

Texas Most Wanted - Have You Seen Raul Herrera, Jr. Anywhere In The State?

Law enforcement in the state of Texas are once again asking for the public's assistance in finding this individual, Raul Herrera, Jr.

Gallery Credit: Tommy Paradise, Townsquare Media, Texas DPS, Canva

Be safe Texas, and keep an eye out!

Texas Police Are Also Looking For This Individual

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