Finding fugitives from the law in Texas is no easy task. The hard working men and women of Texas law enforcement are always looking for criminals who have managed to evade being brought in for breaking the law.

The Top Ten Most Wanted in the Lone Star State is always constantly changing, with captured individuals being removed from the list, and new ones taking their places. One of newest that Texas police are looking for, Steven Clay Leifeste, has been missing for a extended period of time.

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Steven Clay Leifeste And His Evasion From Lone Star State Officers

Leifeste has a short history with law enforcement in the state of Texas. His crimes date back to the year of 2012. We'll examine his original crimes, and how you can help bring him to justice.

All information has been provided by the Texas Department Of Public Safety.

You Can Help Bring A Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive From San Antonio, Texas To Justice

It's been two years since anyone in the state of Texas has seen Steven Clay Leifeste. Last seen in 2021, he's been placed in the Texas Most Wanted Top Ten.

If your tip leads to the capture of Steven Clay Leifeste, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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