The story of a murdered sixteen year old girl who was shot 22 times by her ex-boyfriend in Houston, Texas in January of 2022 is already a tragic enough story, but when you hear the man responsible was laughing about the killing in front of the family and the rest of the courtroom during his sentencing hearing, you really want to believe the whole thing is made up. Sadly, that is not the case, and after speaking about the her daughter Diamond Alvarez to the court, the victim's mother, Anna Machado, can be seen approaching the killer.

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You will see in the video below that as the victim's mother exits the stand, she begins to walk directly towards convicted murderer Frank DeLeon Jr. just moments after calling him a monster. A courtroom bailiff intercepts Machado, but that may have opened the window for the brawl to begin.

Diamond Alvarez's family brawls with Frank DeLeon Jr.'s family at Texas sentencing.

As you can see in the video, the uncle of the victim then jumps the DeLeon Jr. before being tackled to the ground by law enforcement officers. DeLeon Jr. is quickly pushed out of the courtroom, but in the mix of all the commotion, his own mother the enters from the gallery to begin fighting with Alvarez's mother Machado.

The fight lasts several minutes, and it is unknown at this time whether or not Alvarez's uncle will be formally charged for the fight. DeLeon Jr. was sentenced to 45 years, and must serve at least half before being eligible for parole according to this KHOU article.

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