A former Mineral Wells, Texas nursing home employee faces a state jail felony theft charge after police say she took advantage of people's goodwill and scammed them out of money meant to fight cancer.

Journalist David May with the Mineral Wells Index reports that 24-year-old Rain Bowland was working at a nursing home in Mineral Wells when she claimed to have breast cancer as part of a money making scheme. She allegedly conned over 60 people out of over $20,000 selling t-shirts that read "Her Fight is Our Fight" and taking advantage of the generosity of a local business owner.

As it turns out, Bowland didn't have cancer and reportedly planned to use the money to get breast augmentation surgery. Sadly, police say one of her patients was a victim of the scam and donated to her cause. That's just heartbreaking.

An arrest warrant was issued for Bowland on December 2nd. She was supposed to turn herself in to police last week, but May reports she doesn't appear to have been processed at either jail she was expected to report to.


We live in the age of DIY fundraising and crowd funding, and while there are many great causes to give to, you're always going to run into people who want to dupe well-meaning people into supporting their bad habits. May reports that Bowland has a few, as she's had run-ins with the law before due to driving while intoxicated.

If you want to see an example of the giving spirit actually benefiting people in need, check out the story of a Belton dad who took to social media to request Christmas cards for his autistic son and was showered with gifts from people around the world. It's not all bad about there, folks.

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