Firmly believe you can eat a different Texas original meal, and it would be at least another Lone Star State centennial before you ever tried the same dinner twice. Texas food is so boss, that pretty much everyone in the rest of the United States of America has a dupe if not a straight up rip off.

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Did you know these 16 classic foods originated in Texas?

Some of these culinary are no brainers of Texas cuisine because where else could they have been born? Sometimes outsiders can be very surprised with all of the dining options because they may forget that the flags of 6 different nations have flown across our wide open skies.

Think you have what it takes to host a Texas Thanksgiving?

In case you were wondering, Texas Thanksgiving is when you make a ginormous meal incorporating all 16 of the foods listed by Tasting Table below. It is definitely a challenge worth undertaking and sharing.

16 Iconic Foods That Originated In Texas According To Tasting Table.

Tasting Table made a list of 16 iconic foods that originated in Texas. This is a gallery of those 16 foods.

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