Mr. Mabel the tortoise is part of the Goulart family.

Kevin and Amy Goulart have raised Mr. Mabel since he was a week old and for the past ten years have treated him like most families treat the pet dog. At 90-pounds he's bigger than most canines.

Sadly, the Goularts have been on the search for Mr. Mable for just over a week USA Today reports.

Mr. Mable was living the good life in his Wichita Falls home with shelter, heat, food, water and a family that loved him. There was a weak spot in his enclosure and he slipped right through it. It was just an hour since Amy refilled his water that she noticed he had vanished.

The local community has been on the search. When Kevin and Amy went to put up flyers they found that someone had beat them to it.

There have been a couple of tortoise sightings in North Texas and Oklahoma, but Kevin says they are not Mable from the pictures he's seen.

The cooler weather is a concern.

Best wishes to Kevin and Amy who have two children a 7-year-old boy and a 15-month old girl. Mr. Mabel has been around their whole life.


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