Teenagers, 'nuff said.

According to a report from KXAN, a massive gathering of teenagers recently took place in Lakeway, on Saturday, June 20 for an event called "PongFest."

I remember when I was a teenager throwing the biggest party of your peers was THE thing to do, but in this day, that's the exact opposite of what anyone should be doing. Also beer pong? Really? That's basically a sure fire way of spreading the 'Rona.

Reportedly over 300 teenagers attended this event, with a few who were awaiting COVID-19 results now being confirmed as positive for the virus.

“We need anyone who went to that party to isolate for 14 days,” says Cox in the Facebook video. “And if you have been in contact with anyone else at that party, they need to isolate for 14 days. If you are symptomatic, go get tested.”

2020 has been such a blast right? Honestly let's just flush this year down the drain because I am over it.

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