The winter weather is in full effect in Central Texas and around the state. With all the precautions many have taken, most will be able to handle the cold snap. However, there is always the unpredictable, and for that, we must watch for each other in the situation changes.

With the influx of cold weather and the winter storm warning Central Texas is under, the ice that is accumulating on various items could cause disruptions in many facets of life. From pipes freezing, to certain roads being impassable. But one major item facing potential interruption is power to those in the state.

Due to the ice growth, power could unfortunately go out in some areas if power lines become weighed down due to ice accumulation. With too much ice on a line, there is the possibility that the line falls down, or tree falls into one.

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With the potential for that to happen, The Public Utility Commission of Texas is asking for those to report any issues they see.

How To Report Power Issues In Texas

If you experience a power outage, or notice there is downed power line, you are encouraged to report it to the Public Utility Commission. The list of organizations can be found here to report to depending on what area of Texas you are in.

It is also important to remember that if you notice a downed power line, to not approach and just report it to the proper organization. Stay safe Texas!

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