Why so rude, Texas?

A recent study shows that Texas is one of the least kind states in the country.

According to kindness.org (who knew the site even existed?), Texas ranked number 42 out of 50 states for the least amount of kindness.

Verizon teamed up with the website as part of its "Call for Kindness" campaign where “thousands of people from all 50 states and from all walks of life were surveyed on what kind of acts they would do” according to Dr. Oliver Scott Curry research director for the site who said the results across all states were “remarkably similar”

Some key factors of the report include that the average American will give up almost #7 to a stranger even, if it meant the stranger got $10!

The top three kindest acts from those surveyed were becoming an organ donor for a family member, pulling a stranger from a burning car, and adopting and raising a family member.

72% of people said they would lend money to a friend in a financial crisis.

Surveyors from Texas Scored 72% when it comes to kindness, it's just when you compare the numbers to states across the country, The Lonestar State doesn't rank so well.

These things always make you wonder who they surveyed and how accurate a picture of our state they're actually getting, you know? It seems like most Texans are pretty kind and friendly people. Just look at how people helped each other out during the pandemic and the winter storm.

So next time, open a door or help someone you see in a crisis, and show them that Texans do have Southern Hospitality. It just may make someone's day!

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