Everything is bigger in Texas, even the cold it seems sometimes doesn't it? With the upcoming cold that is on the way, Texans everywhere are preparing their homes to deal with the freezing temperatures. Of course, many things are being done to prep the insides of homes.

Faucets left dripping, heaters turned up, pipes exposed to the heat, and other steps are taken to make sure all of our homes are ready for the cold air. However, the outside of our homes are also equally important. Including, you guessed it, exposed pipes.

There are many ways cover an outdoor exposed pipe. However, some might be able to use these methods. So there's only one thing to do in Texas, and that is to improvise.

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But What Do You Use When You Need To Cover Pipes?

Well one reporter in the Lone Star State showed the ingenuity of its residents in a video posted to social media:

Yes, you are seeing that right. One of the Texas Originals itself is making an appearance that some wouldn't expect. Whataburger cups on exposed pipes to keep them from freezing.

It does make sense though, you couldn't just put a towel over the pipe because what happens if the towel gets cold and it's wet? Now you've a frozen towel and pipe, which definitely sounds like a recipe for disaster (pun not intended.)

Do you think there was Dr. Pepper in that cup before they used it though? That would be the ultimate Texas moment wouldn't it? Stay safe and warm Texas!

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