The Governor of Texas has issued and executive order banning in-person visitation in county jails.

According to an executive order place by Governor Greg Abbott on May 22, in person visitation to county jails will be temporarily banned amid the pandemic of COVID-19.

Personally, I'm confused as can be. We just re-opened the state of Texas, but now it's too dangerous to visit a loved one in county jail? Texans can visit restaurants, bars, amusement parks and a whole list of other places, but county jail is too much of a health hazard?

Fortunately the ban doesn't apply to attorneys or members of a religious leaders, so at least there's that.

In the executive order, Abbott states, "allowing in-person visitation would subject inmates and staff to an unacceptable risk of importing COV1D-19 into county and municipal jails, where it could spread rapidly and threaten the health and safety of inmates and staff."

Of course I understand that inmates are in very close quarters to one another, but there are numerous other places that have re-opened that could be more likely to spread COVID-19.

How do you feel about this ban on in-person county jail visitation? Fair or totally unjust?

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