Welp Texas, it looks like it might be time once again to say good bye to another iconic brand that spreads vastly across the Lone Star State.

Sadly, this is becoming much more than an occasional occurrence because it was just earlier today I was sharing details about another massive brand that has more stores in Texas than any other state teetering on the cliff of bankruptcy.

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The retail bloodbath continues across Texas with stores like Rue 21 and Walmart.

Sometimes people do not realize how retail closures hit home beyond whether or not you shop there. My family is definitely a fan because this store is one of two places my three kids can get literally their favorite item on the planet.

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Currently Texas has over 1,400 locations of this retail and convenience giant, but on the coattails of their recent $1 billion acquisition, it appears that some major regression is also taking place.

300 Locations Now Closing By Retailer With 1,400 Texas Stores

You know I am never one to jump to conclusions, and actually do my best to research all angles of a story to provide an informed perspective. You also know I am not afraid to share my opinion once the facts have been gathered.

Considering 7-Eleven just completed their large $1 billion acquisition of around 200 Sunoco stores, I would imagine some of the 300 locations that are closing would be redundant locations within a small geographic region.

Also, the convenience empire seems to do pretty well in most locations, but they do appear to be running for the hills in California as the state refuses to protect businesses from looters and left because anything under $1,000 is not even considered a felony.

Either way, my three kids are going to want their Slurpees, and that means keeping tabs on which 7-Elevens are still open.

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