Every once in a while, if a blue moon appears on a Friday the 13th when the planets are perfectly aligned, I'll do something that earns me a compliment at work.

I'm awful at accepting compliments, so I just throw out of my favorite Simpsons quotes: "Gotta love what ya do, chief."

That's my long-winded way of introducing a video of a guy genuinely loving what he does.

Valentina Centofanti-Garza of Crosby, Texas tells KTRK-TV she recently threw away her daughter's stuffed pony because it had a busted leg and the spine was ripped. They say one person's trash is another's treasure, and for a few brief moments that was very true.

The woman's security camera caught video of a sanitation worker taking the toy pony out for one last ride.

If you needed a reason to smile today, I hope that video did the trick. It was good for my heart, though I am a little sad the horse was tossed in the truck. I would have taken it home and fixed it up! Get me a needle and some thread and I'll sew some new life into that pony.

Still, it's awesome to see someone having so much fun on the job, especially such a thankless one. Our sanitation workers do a great job keeping our streets clean and clearing away our junk.

To all the sanitation workers out there, thanks for all you do. Stay safe out there.


(I can't help myself. One more Simpsons reference.)

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