The statement that Texas had the most dogs and cats killed in shelters last year doesn't tell the whole story. reports that 114,000 animals were euthanized in Texas shelters last year. While yes, that is the highest number in the country, don't forget this is the second most populated state.

Austin is the largest no-kill city in America as reported by KXAN with a save rate of 95%. Plus the three other major cities, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston all made huge leaps in their save rates in the last couple years. Houston has the lowest at a decent 83%

While Delaware became the first no-kill state in the nation over the weekend, it's not to say that ole Texas is not taking steps in the right direction.

You can help. Adopt a pet, personally, I have not been a pet owner in years, but I see the positive effect they can bring to one's life. Who knows, maybe I'll pick up a pup.

The other way to help is to listen to the wise words of Bob Barker.

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