Across the nation, Texas has the very well known reputation and slogan: "Everything is bigger in Texas." We also know the devil can be in the details ,and when it is time for the smaller sections to shine, shine they do. Recently, a publication was able to compile a list of the120 most picturesque small towns in the nation, and it is no surprise that not only did a Texas town place number 1 overall, but Texas also had the most representatives of any state with 15 towns, or more than 10% of the total listed.

Translation: No matter what size we're talking, Texas is still #1.

Also, just for the record, of the neighboring states, very few are represented if at all. New Mexico and Louisiana have only one town each, while Oklahoma and Arkansas have zero.

That makes your final score Texas: 15, and the four neighboring states: 2. We all know there is beautiful country in Oklahoma and Arkansas, maybe next time they should consider inviting some of it into town?

What are the 15 towns to make the list?

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No. 2 Nacogdoches, No. 3 Boerne, No. 4 West, No. 5 Dripping Springs, No. 6 San Elizario, No. 7 Bandera, No. 8 Rockport, No. 9 Brenham, No. 10 Gruene, No. 11 Wimberley, No. 12 Granbury, No. 13 Round Top, No. 14 Driftwood, No. 15 Port Aransas

And the winner is...

That leaves only one Texas town, and it is ranked as number 1 in the whole country. That picturesque town should be no surprise as it is Fredericksburg.

Check out the full list at NC Travel Guides.

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