Do you know why they say there is not really any preparing for having children? This applies to raising children not just in Texas, but most likely anywhere on the planet.

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The reason you can't prepare for children is no two are alike, and I am including identical twins in this statement because they may have the same DNA, they definitely are not the same person. I have seen people nowhere near related that were more likely to share a brain than identical twins.

How is being a Texas snake vendor and a parent alike?



Because of that look right there. It's not only that look, but you would be surprised how handling kids can be like handling serpents and it's not always their bite you have to be wary about.

Back to snake handling in Texas vs. parenting.

When you have little kids, they change their mind all the time. All 3 of my children were born into a pet family.

About once per week, at least one of them asks if we can get a new (fill in the blank) animal. I always promise to investigate, and believe it or not, I actually do.

So, recently my 4 year old daughter Royal asked if we can have a snake. Turns out getting a permit to own an approved snake in Texas is only $20.

You will never believe how much it costs to be a breeder/vendor of snakes in Texas.

$60, and you can get the license just about as easily as a hunting or fishing license.

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