Did you know the average United States household will spend almost $1K on back to school supplies, and most likely set the all time record this year? When you tack on the mean (yes, it sure feels mean) sales tax rate for Texas, that would mean the average household will pay well over $1K.

As a father of 3 young children with a fashion degree wife, I think it is a pretty safe bet our household is helping to elevate those back to school costs more than our fair share. With that being said, you can guarantee I am pushing for as many qualifying purchases as possible and praying the items survive the whole school year.

So, is everything tax free this weekend, or are there restrictions?

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Tax Free Weekend for back to school shopping in Texas does have some restrictions. You can learn them here. The number 1 rule is any item you buy must be less than $100.

We all have kids that want the freshest kicks for the new year, especially when they are extra clean for the start of school, and hopefully still in decent shape by the time picture day rolls around. However, if the price of those new Jordan's or similar "It" sneaker has a price tag of over $100, it will still be taxable this weekend like any other.

Where can I find a list of all the items that are covered by "Tax Free Weekend?"

You can grab that information straight from big brother's mouth at the state comptroller's office.

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