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The Texas DPS may have some news that upsets your pocketbook.Lone Star taxpayers feel like they're getting the shaft here. We are paying for some 195,000 criminal aliens being held in Texas prisons from 2011 through June 30th, 2016. All this comes from a recent report from the Department of Public Safety that says of those 195,000, sixty-six percent are listed as "illegally present" according to the Department of Homeland security.

The Breitbart news network obtained a copy of this report and of the 500,000+ charges brought against the criminal illegals, the majority consist of murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery. Of the 520,000 charges, 234,000 have resulted in convictions.

Breibart reported Monday that nationwide, over one million immigrants are ignoring deportation orders. Some 170,000 of them are criminal aliens according to Breibart.

So, should we be paying for them? The Center for Immigration Studies Policy Studies Director says it's a sign of how bad the system has become. Director Jessica Vaughn said, "10 percent of the illegal resident population has already been ordered removed and is still here illustrates just how dysfunctional our immigration enforcement system is. It should also be of great concern that twenty percent of them are convicted criminals, and that most of these are at large in our communities."

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