When Blake Pyron was born in Sanger, Texas, doctors told his mother he might be able to walk, he might be able to talk: "They' didn't give us much hope," said Mary Ann, who gave birth to her son almost 20 years ago. Since then, Blake has been the prom king at his high school, was team captain of the football team and worked at a barbecue restaurant where he discovered his love for food service.

Now he's about to become the city of Sanger's youngest business owner.

Officials are expected to approve the project Blake's Snow Shack on February 1, 2016, the day Blake turns 20 years old. He has made plans, promising all sorts of flavors ranging from raspberry and banana to wedding cake (dibs!) and something enticing called "tiger's blood."

The 19 year old will be co-owning the business with his parents and the shop is expected to open May 7, just before the summer heat urges us to stand in line for these icy treats. Blake intends to hire his 15-year-old neighbor to help out.

“Blake has exceeded everything. He was a football captain, he was a prom king, now he’s a business owner," she told Humankind. "We’ve never limited Blake."

And look how many expectations he's exceeded at the young age of 19.