She's lucky to be alive. Now a Texas grandmother is trying to find a new vehicle, and some might say her attacker got what he deserved.

According to KWTX, 72-year-old Shirlene Hernandez of San Antonio is recovering after a brutal assault and carjacking that ended with the death of her assailant.

What Happened to Shirlene Hernandez?

Tuesday morning, Hernandez was on her way to a local gas station to get a Diet Coke before she went to work.

As she was walking into the store, a man grabbed her, struck her several times in the face with the door, then took her keys. Hernandez said three men tried to grab him, but he still got away with her car. The suspect didn’t get far, however. Investigators found the totaled vehicle on a nearby interstate with the dead carjacker inside, according to KABB.


Hernandez said she is still sore and bruised but recovering. Her main concern is that she no longer has a vehicle. She wants to keep working, and lives on the southwest side of San Antonio, while her job is on the northeast side of the city, so she needs a replacement car.

Shirlene Hernandez Go Fund Me Page

Hernandez’s granddaughter, Helen Garcia, started a fundraising page in the hopes of helping her hard-working grandma buy a new car so she can keep driving to her job and appointments.

Garcia hoped to raise $5,000, but as of Tuesday, April 19th, over $25,500 has been raised for her grandmother. She said her family is “so thankful and in awe for the outpouring of support” they have received in the wake of the attack.

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