Everyone was so focused on the over $1 Billion jackpot that, by the way, missed once again on Saturday night for the Powerball, that quietly on Friday night someone you may know, perhaps even your own Texas neighbor, could have actually won $360 Million on the Mega Millions. Texas does allow for lottery winners to remain anonymously if they choose, and according to the lottery officials, the winner has already said they wish to take the cash lump sum.

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Several people joke and plenty of memes have been passed around saying things similar to you would not hear me telling anyone that I won the lottery, but there would definitely be signs. For many, the first sign would quite literally be an actual sign in their yard because they suddenly listed their home for sale with zero warning to even their closest friends.

What yard in Texas should we be watching to learn who won the Mega Millions jackpot?

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

A safe bet would be any yard located within a reasonable distance of this Stripes Chevron station at the corner of Southland and US Highway 67 in San Angelo, Texas. I'm sure there is some kind of surveillance camera that time stamped the person at the counter when the winning ticket was sold, but it is very unlikely that video will be going public anytime soon.

Powerball's jackpot is nearly 5 times the $360 Million won in Friday's Mega Millions.

The potential winning number could be selected tonight. If you want to get a ticket before the cutoff, you may want to expect a line after the recent success of Texas's latest multi-millionaire.

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