Flesh-eating bacteria is said to be the cause of death of a Texas woman who attended a Louisiana Oyster banquet in October of 2017.

KLFY is reporting that Jeanette LeBlanc of Texas became infected with vibrio after eating about two-dozen raw oysters she purchased from a market in Westwego. LeBlanc was visiting friends on the Louisiana coast in October of 2017 when she became ill after eating the raw oysters.

At first, her friends and family thought it was an allergic reaction. LeBlanc began to show signs of respiratory distress about 36-hours after eating the oysters. After seeking medical attention she was told she had vibrio, a flesh-eating bacteria believed to have been in the raw oysters.

Jeanette passed away just 21 days after she began showing symptoms of vibrio. Her friends and family are raising awareness about vibrio in Jeanette's memory. More about the flesh-eating bacteria can be found here. 

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