Growing up, I started drinking coffee at the age of 5. That was when we started going out to the farm. A farm that didn't have fresh water. They had salt water. You ever try to drink salt water? I wouldn't recommend it. All we drank was coffee and pop, or soda, or coke depending on where you grew up in America. Pop in the summer, coffee in the winter. And since winter last 9 months in North Dakota, I drank a lot of coffee.

That first cup in the morning was the worst. We would put on a fresh pot, but we couldn't wait for it, so we would drink the sludge from the night before. I never thought of putting ice in it.

Nowadays, everyone seems to love cold coffee. To me it'll always be like the old wives tale.

"I scraped my knee!"

"Rub some dirt on it!"

It made no sense, but neither does putting ice in coffee. But if you want too, I ain't stopping you. That just means there's more hot stuff for me.

  • Peggy's Coffee House


    3111 S 31st Street is where you'll find Peggy's Coffee House. And, according to Yelp, they serve the best Iced Coffee around.

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  • Megg's Cafe


    Temple seems like a good place to "rub some dirt on it" since they've got another top ranked store for Iced Coffee. Megg's Cafe, 1749 Everton Dr, also serves some great food. You know, to wash the cold coffee down.

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  • Starbucks


    Of course if you don't want to support the local economy, and send all your money to Seattle, then by all means blow through a Starbucks for your iced coffee.

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  • Arusha Coffee & Tea


    It seems this town is full of surprise gem's. And for coffee and treats, then Arusha Coffee & Tea at 126 N East St is a great place to check out. If you haven't already.

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  • Bite the Bagel

    Harker Heights

    I don't have any bullet proof sweat pants so I don't get over to the Killeen/Harker Heights area often, but I might have to venture over just so I can try out this place. It may not have the top ranked iced coffee in Central Texas, but it's got one of the best names. Bite the Bagel, 480 E FM 2410 Rd. Classic.

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  • Bonus

    How to Make Iced Coffee

    In case you're a shut in and you want to make your own cold coffee, here you go.