I told you I was going to see trained cats perform over the weekend, and now I have the videos to prove it! The Amazing AcroCats were in Fort Worth this past Saturday, and I was able to catch an outstanding purr-formance.

Trainer Samantha Martin admitted it right up front at the beginning of the show - cats don't always cooperate, and "nothing teaches you humility like a trained cat act in front of a live audience."

Those words proved to be true. Most of the time the cats cooperated with just a little coaxing, but others had a more adventurous time running through the audience and hosting the meet and greet during the show instead of after.

Oz showed us how he can jump from one stool to another, through a hoop covered in tissue paper.

Nola and Annie showed us they know a great way to get from point A to point B.

... and Jax the Trouble Maker knows how to roll a giant purple ball across the floor. The cats were just getting started.

Nola showed us how she can jump through the hoop!

These kitties really know how to put on a show.

Tuna the Cat even knows how to cure a fever, 'more cowbell.'

The finale of the show is of course the only cat rock band in existence, the Rock Cats!