A lot goes in to adopting a pet in Texas, like getting their vaccinations, having them "fixed", and making sure you've got all the supplies you need.

But when it comes down to it, there's one question that always comes up when you invite a new fuzzy friend into your home:

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What Should I Name My New Pet?

After all, you're going to have to call your pet something, and you want to make sure it's something you'll be okay shouting out when you're calling them inside, or having called out when you're at the vet or groomer's.


Why Not Go With A Funny Name?

I got curious and started looking for the funniest pet names in Texas, and Petfinder did not disappoint.

Today, I stuck with cats because there's so much potential for silly cat names that make you chuckle.

Cats are pretty easy to take care of right? Plus, they tend to go viral on the internet these days as well. But if your cat has a silly name, it just makes life a little more fun.


Check Out These Hilariously Adorable Cat Names (And Lots of Cute Cat Pics)

If you've been looking for a cat friend, well we've got 53 you can potentially adopt, and of course, they've got some fantastic names as well.

All these cats come to us via Petfinder, where you can find more info on how to adopt them!

Texas - Here Are 54 Cats You Can Adopt In The State With Silly Names

Bringing a pet home is always a big decision. But could one of these pets with a silly name find its way into your heart?

Help find these cats a forever home, and have fun calling their names Texas!

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