I'm probably the only person in the world who is completely okay with not having Disney+.

The Star Wars thing looks alright, there's a baby Yoda I hear. But I would mostly watch old, old movies. I feel like the '50s and '60s are the peak of Disney.

Anyway, with everyone talking about streaming services I was reminded of my all-time favorite streaming moment.

Four years ago I was at my sister Teal's annual Oscar party and saw Tim Mcgraw sing 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You' which was nominated for best original song from the film 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me'.

The performance was so moving I had to check out the movie about the rhinestone cowboy. At the time it was exclusively on Netflix.  The film masterfully balances the focus on Campbell's career and his family's struggle with his progression of Alzheimer's.

The music that he and his daughter perform in the second half of the film had me balling on my couch like a baby.

A few months ago I wanted to rewatch the best documentary I've ever seen (A genre I'm not terribly keen on) but was saddened to hear it had been taken off of Netflix.

But now 'I'll be me' is available for purchase or rent on several services and streaming on Hula and Prime Video. Check it out.

Film can be such a powerful form of art. I'm convinced something simple and genuinely from the heart is far better than a flashy big-budget production. Simple and from the heart while not losing quality is kinda like an old Disney movie and plenty of new ones too. Okay, maybe I do want Disney+.



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