It's a big week for anniversaries in Texas!

Yesterday was the 181 anniversary of the Alamo, and today marks the anniversary of the day Texas adopted the bluebonnet as the official State Flower. The bluebonnet was named the State Flower on March 7th, 1901.

The bluebonnet is also known as the buffalo clover, wolf flower, and, in Spanish, el conejo ("the rabbit").  In 1933 Texas adopted a state flower song, "Bluebonnets," written by Julia D. Booth and Lora C. Crockett. About the same time, the Highway Department began a landscaping program intended to spread the flower around the state. Thanks to those folks, bluebonnets now grow along most major highways throughout the state.

It won't be long before we start to see them coming up all over Texas. The bluebonnet usually blooms in late March and early April and is found mostly in areas near limestone from north central Texas to Mexico.

If you happen to spot any bluebonnets beginning to bloom we would love to see your photos! Email them in or upload them to our social media! Spring is coming soon y'all!

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