It's almost bluebonnet season in Texas.  These beautiful hours signal the start of spring, and they're beginning to poke out.  It may have seemed like we didn't have much of a winter, but with slightly more precipitation than last winter we're in store for a beautiful spring.


Photo by Jamie Garrett

With each passing year I promise myself that this will be the year my wife and I finally get pictures of the kids in bluebonnets.  So far?  Not so much.  I'm sure this will be the year, however, and I'd like your input as to the best spots for bluebonnet and wildflower pictures.  I've scouted a few locations, and I'll share a few of my possible spots.

Stopping on the side of the highway is always dangerous, so please use caution and don't risk your life, your family's life, or the life of complete strangers for a cute picture to put on Facebook.  With that out of the way, there are plenty of highways with steep inclines up toward an overpass that make a great backdrop for pictures of the kids.  Again, highways can be dangerous.  I know of a field that yearly has the most spectacular collection of wildflowers I've ever seen.  It's near our radio stations in Temple, and if you're looking for an easy photo shoot with plenty of wildflowers this is your spot.  It's the field directly across from the Peanut Gallery on Hwy 36.  It's a bare field right now, but in another two weeks it'll be spectacular.

I've always felt the key to getting a great shot of bluebonnets would be to isolate the background.  Nothing would be worse than having the perfect picture with a giant billboard in the background.  I've always been a big fan of a shot looking down at the kids surrounded by bluebonnets.  A ladder might help get a better angle, but make sure your shadow (and that of the ladder) aren't seen streaking across the picture.

This field is a blank canvas for mother nature. In a couple weeks it'll be bursting with colors of bluebonnets and Texas wildflowers. This field is off Hwy 36 at Guy Dr. in Temple. Photo by Jamie Garrett

Every time spring rolls around we're accustomed to the Bloomin' Temple Festival coming right around the peak time of Texas wildflowers.  That's not the case this year.  Bloomin' Temple Festival has moved to the weekend of May 11th.  For as long as I can remember the festival has taken place in mid-April.  Maybe this year we won't have to deal with severe thunderstorms rolling through.  That leaves you with time to register as a volunteer.  Volunteers get into the festival for free.  If you've been wondering who the headliner will be for this year's Bloomin' Temple Festival your wait is almost over.  Tune in Monday, April 1st at 7:45am.  Jack and Julia will have all the details of this year's musical acts.  YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

If you're so inclined... or pinterested... my wife has created the US 105 Pinterest page, and you can find plenty of pics and ideas for bluebonnets on that specific page.  We invite you to share your pictures, ideas, locations and dos & don'ts with us on Pinterest, Facebook or right here in the comments section.