Curtis Grimes and I make bets, it's just we do. To get you up to date, over the years Curtis and I have made six bets. They've ranged from World Series victors to David Allan Coe's middle finger. To date Curtis is a dismal 0-6. Last night, Coach's and Cowboy's was the site of our seventh bet: Who hits a punching bag harder.

Two weeks ago I was explaining, logically and soundly, on-air why Curtis has zero chance of out-hitting me. Turns out Curt was driving by and listening in. He stopped by to explain why he felt I was wrong, here's what happened:

Here are the stakes, they have never been higher. If Curt loses, I pick his next radio single. If I lose Curt hosts my show -- and I'll likely lose every listener I've worked hard to earn.

Last night the weeks of training and smack talking came to an end. Here's what happened.

I will say I don't feel as right with this win, as the others. His hometown friends/fans were buying him shots all night. And it's clear he hit his hat off his head harder than the bag. Perhaps a rematch? We'll see. Big thanks to Justin Metcalf for documenting Curtis's asswhoopin'.

If you missed it during his lat visit, check out this new song from Grimes titled "Drunk for That." Meanwhile Imma be contemplating what Curtis Grimes next radio single will be.