Kids are dumb.  Kids don't listen.  Kids want to learn it for themselves.  If they'd just listen to us (parents) they'd have it so much easier in life.  But they don't, and that's the root of the problems with the youth.  It's also the root cause of the hilarity in this video.

It happens every day in every household with kids across the country.  Kids are told what to do to ensure the best for them and their future.  Do they listen?  Nope.  This week alone I've been right about one boy wearing the wrong kind of shirt to school, I've been right about bedtime needing to be earlier to prevent meltdowns in the morning, I've been right about doing the homework BEFORE leaving for church so it wouldn't be a late night.  I've basically been right about everything (as always), and neither of my boys will open their ears to listen (as always).

This little girl was probably told five different times that she was tired and needed a nap.  Did she listen?  Nooooooo, she was probably very sure of herself when she said, "No!!  I'm not tiwud.  I wanna pway!".  Dad probably knew she was two seconds away from falling asleep, but as parents we're forced to let kids learn for themselves.  I laugh like this father every time the boys do something stupid that could have been prevented if they'd only listened to me.  Truthfully, I also laugh when something happens to my wife that could have been prevented if she'd only listened to my advice.