Did you know the most expensive home currently listed for sale in the lone star state is actually right here in Central Texas?

The most expensive, legitimate home in our state is in Lago Vista, about an hour-and-15-minutes from where we are. It's for sale on Zillow.com for a whopping $68,345,900. The house itself is roughly 5,000 square feet, however there is over 2,000 acres of unused land that is part of the property - so if you're looking to build a resort with a 360-degree view of the awesome nature Texas has to offer, this is it.

The home faces Lake Travis deep water frontage. The property is located directly across from Pace Bend Park, and the northern part of the property is surrounded by the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. Then on the southeastern portion of the property you can see Rusty Allen Airport.

Basically, if you love the outdoors you would love to live here. So let's all pool in our money and get this 6 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom at an estimated $367,628 per month. Provided that we can make a down payment of just $13,669,180 with a 30-year plan.

Now if you check Zillow.com, you'll find that the most expensive listing is $276,447,232 for a 4-bedroom, run-of-the-mill home in Longview, TX. We're going to make the assumption there's a typo there because there is NO WAY that house should cost that much.

Via Zillow.com | No way this is worth $276,447,232!!!