Howdy y'all! Check out the 'Cowboy Boot House' in Huntsville, Texas! It's available for rent at $1,200 per month!

This house is being offered for rent by the Heart of Texas Real Estate agent Dalene Zender. It features 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, and offers just over 700 feet of square space for your boots, cowboy hat, and even a horse shoe hanging over the door.

The 'Cowboy Boot House' features mosaic granite floors, surround shower, covered porch space, and even a spiral staircase that goes up to the roof top deck. Not bad!

The home was built by Dan Philips of the Phoenix Commotion. Check out more photos of his work on the home here! Yeehaw!

Heart of Texas Real Estate1 - Dalene Zender
Heart of Texas Real Estate1 - Dalene Zender

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