Fortunately, I've never been to jail... but if I have to stay overnight in a cell block. This is the one I want to stay in.

In Clifton, TX, you'll find a small boutique hotel that was once the city jail, The Cell Block.

Continuing the original Clifton jail tradition, only 1 to 2 adults (ages 21+) may spend the night in jail.

It's an adults only jail. Their website states, this is not a bed and breakfast, but a bed and booze. They offer a complimentary bottle of The Cell Block's own Tempranillo wine, and other grown up amenities.

Check out this swanky sitting area.

No, there's no TV, but there is a record player and prison-themed albums. Folsom Prison Blues, anyone?

There is even a prison yard rooftop lounge, complete with fire pit!


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