Let's take a look at a project that rarely see's the light of day. The tunnel system underneath what is now West Fort Hood as filmed and investigated  by KCEN TV

Back in the 1940's soldiers on Fort Hood began digging a series of tunnels into the hills underneath of what is now considered West Fort Hood. During the project, the reason for the work was not entirely discussed. Upon it's completion in 1949, "Project 76" became one of only 7 atomic and nuclear storage facilities in the nation.

Fort Hood Range Manager Gene Bauer said that back in the day:

There was a guard force outside. It had guard boxes, machine-gun pillboxes, the whole nine yards. It was secretive, even the guards were not allowed inside.

This facility was kept secret for about 20 years. Atomic weapons were stored, maintained, and repaired at this underground location. By 1969 the Department of Defense decided to close the facility, and all the weapons removed.

Rumors circulated for a while that the secret tunnels use to house secret alien technology, and some even said the tunnels reached all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Now we can see for ourselves that this isn't the case.

After a rehabilitation project to remove lead paint and asbestos, the tunnels were re-opened in 2003 as the Fort Hood underground training facility and is still in use today.