Texans are proud people, but I can tell you what these women did while visiting New York is so embarrassing.

According to a report from ABC 13, three women from Houston allegedly assaulted a restaurant worker in New York who was simply following restaurant and city policy.

On Thursday, September 16, 49-year-old Sally Lewis, 44-year-old Kaeita Rankin, and her 21-year-old daughter Tyonnie Rankin visited Carmine's Restaurant in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Unlike in Texas, COVID-19 safety policies are taken very seriously in New York.

The Policy

The city of New York recently enacted a policy that patrons must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to eat or drink inside bars and restaurants.

The Problem

The women are said to have presented vaccination cards to the hostess, but did not provide identification cards that were needed for the hostess to fully verify their vaccination status.

The Fight

It appears the women didn't appreciate the policy, and instead of leaving the restaurant, a fight ensued between the women and the 22-year-old hostess. Two other staff members were also injured as they tried to break up the mayhem.

The Result

All three women were arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief. The ladies also were given desk appearance tickets. As for the hostess, she was treated at the hospital for her injuries following the fight.

In Conclusion

If you're visiting another state, you're still expected to follow laws and local ordinances. As they say, ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break the law. As for the "freedom fighters", the option to dine at a restaurant is a luxury, not a right. If you can't abide by the rules set, then you have the FREEDOM to turn around and take your business elsewhere.

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