Lee the Pekingese stopped by US 105 with Officer Hetzel from the Temple Animal Shelter. Lee was adopted before he left the building so let's shine the spotlight on some of the kitty cats at the shelter.

Violet/Temple Animal Shelter

They have all sizes and ages, males and females, domestic short hairs and long hairs in every color and pattern you could think up.

Truley/Temple Animal Shelter

Ages 6 weeks to 6 months. Most of the cats  at the shelter are kittens! If you've been looking to add a new kitten to the family now is the time!  Stop by and see them at the  Temple Animal Shelter,  620 Mama Dog Circle, or check them out on the website.

Temple Animal Shelter

You can always call to schedule a visit or let them know what kind of pet you are looking for.  Call 254 298 5732.