Morning show folks are a different breed.  And one of those differences is our internal clocks. But sometimes you've just gotta act like a kid.

You see, for us to be our cheerful wide awake selves before the sun comes up, we have to hit the hay a little earlier than most folks.  For me most nights it's 8pm (except Wednesdays because that's Duck Dynasty night) So understand when I say it has to be a pretty special event to get me away from home in my precious quiet early evening hours before bedtime, especially when the event is at the radio station.  Tonight was one of those nights.

In a couple of weeks, it's our annual Children's Miracle Network Radiothon and tonight Julia Conner, Jamie Garrett, and myself got to hang out and have a pizza & ice cream party with some of the "miracle kids".

Miracle Kids with Peter Christian

These kids are amazing, living proof that miracles do happen.  I was part of the original radiothon crew along with Julia so it was a reunion of sorts for me.  There were parents I hadn't seen since that first broadcast, greeting me as if no time had passed at all.  One father reintroduced me to a dynamic 6 year old little girl that, when I last saw her was born prematurely and barely big enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  And now to see her running and playing like any other normal 6 year old is definitely miraculous.  We ate tons of pizza, loaded our ice creams with all kinds of toppings from fruity pebbles to gummy bears, then more ice cream, then more sprinkles, I WANT MORE GUMMIE BEARS!.  No Rules!  We're getting crazy!  And then there were all kinds of stuff to dress up in to be fun and funky.  We've got pictures!

I took a moment during the festivities to just step back and take it all in.  Here was this room of children that, without the help of people like you the listener giving to CMN, wouldn't be filled with the laughter and smiles I was seeing.  It just solidifies my belief in the good work that the Children's Miracle Network and McLane S&W Children's Hospital are doing here in central Texas.  Without them, some or all of these kids might not be here today, toothless gapped smiles, squeals, and all.

The US105 Children's Miracle Network Radiothon begins Sept. 19.