Technology in our cars is continuously evolving. Every day, it seems like new additions pop up on vehicles. But there is one very important thing that all cars must have if they are even start moving.

Besides tires, every car needs a key to start it. Technology has evolved as well to where all some cars don't need a key in the ignition, but simply having the key inside the vehicle alerts the car that it is ok to start.

With this new technology, unfortunately there's always people looking to take advantage of the unknown potential flaws it has. It seems like a new way for individuals to steal people's personal vehicles, and it's one that some may not even have thought about.

Cars Potentially Stolen Using...Keys?

According to our news partners at KWTX, AAA has put out a notice to many in the nation regarding vehicle thefts. According to a spokesperson for the organization, would be car thieves have found a way to copy the signal from the fob in an individual's car key, and impersonate it so the thief can steal the car.

KWTX also reports that this method may have made its way to Temple already.

Maddie Unser's Comments To The News Organization

When interviews, Unser believed that someone had already attempted this method on her car. She told KWTX that she couldn't lock her car. She was able to lock her car only by removing the key from the fob.

Hopefully, this won't become commonplace in Central Texas. So be on alert!

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