On October 16th, 1961 one of the greatest songs in country mus... no, no ALL MUSIC was released.

58 years ago Patsy Cline brought 'Crazy' to the world.

'Crazy' was almost a song that never was. Penned by living legend Willie Nelson, the ballad was turned down by Billy Walker the artist the Abbott, Texas native wrote it for, due to it being a "Girl's song"

Nelson says that one night he was drunk at a bar called Tootsie's and put a recording of himself singing 'Crazy' in the jukebox. Cline's husband happened to be at the bar and urged the red-headed stranger to sell the song to the 'Walking After Midnight' singer.

He was so nervous he stayed in the car when Cline's husband played it for her. She ended up recording it just weeks later.

And boy are we glad she did. As much as I love Willie Nelson, Patsy is one of my all-time favorites and no one can sing like her.

Willie, wrote a handful of songs for other artists before his own rise to fame. Including another favorite of mine, Faron Young's 'Hello Walls'.

One more fun fact. Willie almost went with 'Stupid' as the title rather than 'Crazy'. Another wise decision to change it from ole Willie.


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