There are too many things being done wrong in this video to even count, but let's give it a try.  

First off, they're wasting company time, and even though I may spend a few hours each week getting fantasy football teams and Amazon orders straightened out, I'm still not a fan of wasting company time & money making viral videos (unless that's part of your job description, like mine).

Once you get past the time-wasting (and believe me, it took me a while), you get to the safety factor.  I saw a demonstration of the power of electric lines when I was in 3rd grade and it's scared me since.  Those lines can turn a finger into a cooked hot dog in the blink of an eye.  Trusting those gloves to keep your digits at a relatively cool 98-degrees is a trust I just don't have.

So that I don't waste any more of my company's money (or yours, since I'm 90% sure you're reading this at work), have a look at what happens when kids aren't taught about hot stoves and forks in electric outlets as kids.





I have to admit.  After watching it again, there's nothing I'd like more in the world than to try this.  How cool would it be to have lightning coming from your fingertips?  That would be my Facebook profile picture, my driver's license photo and I'd change my Instagram name to Devil Fingers.  This actually looks & sounds like the back story to some new Marvel super hero.