It's always a risk to be the musical guest AND host on SNL.  You can have a great night of music ruined by a few bad sketches.  No one will praise the music.  They'll say you're a chump and leave it at that.  That WAS NOT a problem for Blake.

Moment #1:

Blake opening the show by pointing out the "fish out of water" "NYC is so fancy" nonsense that everyone was expecting.  Yet, instead of running from it, they embraced it and brought back some (not-so) great moments from my youth with a Hee-Haw opening.






Moment #2:

The easiest way to skate through the live craziness of SNL as an "amateur" is to put in as much pre-recorded material as possible.  Blake's Lady A-esque sketch "Wishing Boot" bordered on "too silly", but quickly came back by (once again) embracing the hokiness of it all.





Moment #3:

The Celebrity Family Feud is a bit worn-out for us SNL regulars, but getting a dig in at both Keith Urban AND Adam Levine had to feel good.  The ending sort of falls apart, but a good guy-on-guy make-out session always seems to be a good way to end it at Rockefeller Center.