This is at least the 2nd or 3rd time Will Ferrell has made a splash at a New Orleans Pelicans home game.  Maybe the pelican is his spirit animal.  Maybe he just loves hurricanes in the French Quarter.  After seeing his meltdown at a recent Pelicans game, I'm going with the latter.

If getting drunk and making a scene at a sporting event was laugh-worthy, 75% of fans at an average NFL game would rival Kevin Hart (90% at Cowboys games).  If being a drunken buffoon on the microphone is comedy gold, consider me Carrot Top.  I need a good buzz going before I'll even charge the wireless mic.

It's just something about Will Ferrell, though.  There hasn't been a lot to laugh about for fans of the Jazz/Hornets/Pelicans (the lineup of pro teams to play in New Orleans) over the years, aside from Will Ferrell.




There was the time he played the role of the PA announcer.




Then, last night, this happened.  During halftime, Ferrell filmed a scene for an upcoming movie with Mark Wahlberg.  It was vintage Will Ferrell.