Tiff's Treats, an Austin classic, is asking for assistance in finding the customer that bought their very first batch of cookies.

According to a report from KVUE, the creators of Tiff's Treats are celebrating their 22nd anniversary of baking and delivering warm cookies.

Tiffany and Leon Chen began their business back in 1999 when they were students at the University of Texas. Leon had asked Tiff on a date, and after accidently standing him up, Tiff baked Leon a batch of apology cookies.

The cookies were still warm, and Leon convinced Tiff that her cookies were so good that she absolutely needed to share them with the rest of the world. The couple began the business right in Leon's apartment, and placed fliers all around the UT campus to promote their opening.

Three days passed without a single order, but on the fourth day, a woman named Amy ordered cookies for her boyfriend at the UT Towers Apartments and tipped Leon $5 after he delivered the cookies.

Tiff's treats is still going strong, and now not only do they no longer bake in a small apartment, but they have multiple stores all across the south. Amy was their first customer, and after 22 years the Chen's want to say thank you by giving Amy a year's supply of cookies.

I remember that I first heard of Tiff's Treats whenever I attended the University of Texas about 14 years after their creation. Tiff's Treats was a staple at any function on or off campus, and it's no mystery why. The cookies are sweet, gooey, and always fresh!

Of course, after I left Austin I missed being able to order warm cookies to my door, but just a few years later a location opened in Waco! My best friend absolutely loves Tiff's,  and I enjoy ordering delivery to her job as a sweet surprise. Tiff's Treats is still continuing to grow, and if you've never had the chance to try them,  I highly suggest finding your nearest store and giving it a go!

If you know a blonde woman named Amy who had a boyfriend that lived in the UT Towers in 1999, let her know Tiff's Treats is looking for her.

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